This section outlines the course assignments. Assignments 1–13 are graded on a scale from 1–10 and collectively count for half of the final grade. The final project (assignment 14) accounts for one-sixth of the final grade.

2 Watch Citichem video, identify accident causes you see. Assignment 1: Citichem video (PDF)
3 Pick an accident report from the list provided. Summarize the main events, causes, and recommendations. Identify Accident, Hazard, and Safety constraints that were violated. Assignment 2: Summarize accident report (PDF)
4 Begin a CAST analysis of your accident, including the safety control structure, responsibilities, and unsafe control actions. Assignment 3: Begin CAST analysis (PDF)
5 Finish the CAST analysis of your accident including process model flaws and contextual factors. Assignment 4: Finish CAST analysis (PDF)
6 Identify potential design changes that might have prevented your accident. Assignment 5: Design for safety principles (PDF)
7 Identify fault tolerant design features used in your system, and discuss their effectiveness. Assignment 6: Applying design for safety principles (PDF)
12 Create a fault tree for a simple design or for the Disney Ride (Matterhorn) example. Assignment 7: Fault tree analysis—roller coaster car design (PDF)
13 Create a FMEA for the same system used in assignment 7. Assignment 8: Failure modes and effects analysis—roller coaster car design (PDF)

Begin an STPA analysis of the Disney Ride. Identify Losses, Hazards, and draw the control structure.

Perform STPA Step 1 on part of the ride control structure.

Assignment 9/10: Begin STPA analysis on roller coaster (PDF)
17 Finish STPA Step 1 for the ride. Perform STPA Step 2. Assignment 11: Finish STPA analysis (PDF)

Identify potential design changes for the Disney ride design given the STPA Step 2 results.

Identify human factors design features that should be included in the Disney ride design.

Assignment 12/13: Design changes (PDF)
25 Final project due. Revise assignments 7–13 based on feedback and class discussions, and compile them into a safety analysis with recommended design features for the Disney ride. Assignment 14: Final project (PDF)