This section details the readings for the course by session and topic.

[ESW] = Buy at MIT Press Buy at Amazon Leveson, Nancy. Engineering a Safer World: Systems Thinking Applied to Safety. MIT Press, 2011. ISBN: 9780262016629. [Preview with Google Books] (Online version)

1 Introduction, Uberlingen video [ESW] Chapter 1.
2 Lecture on analyzing accidents, hindsight bias, control structures and safety constraints (hazards) [ESW] pp. 76–86, and 372–8.
3 Lecture on analyzing accidents and intro to CAST [ESW] pp. 349–57, and 181–95.
4 Lecture on analyzing accidents using CAST (cont.) [ESW] pp. 357–67.
13 Introduction to system theory, control theory, and STAMP [ESW] pp. 87–93.
14 STPA hazard analysis [ESW] pp. 211–7.
15 Lecture on STPA step 1 [ESW] pp. 217–20.
16 Lecture on STPA step 2 [ESW] pp. 220–6.
19 Design using STPA [ESW] pp. 263–73.
22 Human factors design [ESW] pp. 273–81.
25 Safety during operations, examples from the Challenger space shuttle [ESW] pp. 391–4, Deepwater Horizon video.