Lecture Notes

Notes are available for selected lectures below.

Processing of bio-inspired structures
1 Introduction, overview: bio-inspired structures, applications (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 1.5MB)
2 Stealing ideas from nature, biomimetics (PDF)
3 Materials properties, design, structural behavior (PDF)
4 Materials properties, design, structural behavior (cont.) (PDF)
5 Morphing structures
6 Nanoparticles and structures (PDF)
7 Biomimetics of deployable structures (PDF)
8 Bio-structures and properties
9 Review
Design of bio-inspired morphing structures and methods of assembly
10 Bio-inspired nanomaterials
11 Methods of self-assembly
12 Self-assembled monolayers and applications
13 Self-assembled monolayers and applications (cont.)
14 Bio-inspired intelligent structures
15 Smart and active material
16 Bulk nanostructures advanced materials (PDF)
17 Bio-active surfaces and structures
18 Review
Bio-inspired intelligent structures
19 Bio-inspired opitcal systems
20 Joint design
21 Design of muscle-like actuators
22 Review
23 Final presentation