1 The world is changing and becoming more global How is the world into which we send students changing?
2 Another view of globalization: even in a spiky world there are issues How is the world into which we send students changing?
3 Engineering education needs to change What are the attributes of educated engineers in the future? What should be required of engineers?
4 While there is demand and U.S. is still leading there are also serious troubles (K-12, growing competition) What is the state of science and engineering and how is it connected to education now? What is the state of K-12 and 13 -20 education in the U.S.?

MIT admission trends

Guest: Stu Schmill, MIT Admissions

How are students changing and what kind of students come to MIT?

MIT students do well, go into a diverse range of careers and don't develop in some interesting ways that may be associated with leadership

Guest: Melanie Parker, MIT Careers Office

What value added have we brought to MIT students and how do they use it?
7 Some of our key competitors seem to be moving in our direction with more of a science emphasis How are some of our key competitors reacting to the changes in the world?
8 MIT has thought hard about the integration of life and learning and tried to improve and MIT has thought hard about a modern curriculum and is trying to change How are we reacting to some of the changes in the world? Do you think this is the right plan for a curriculum for the year 2025?
9 Other ways to think about engineering education Are there other ways to think about an engineering education?

A good education is generally useful; discussions with Cambridge-MIT Exchange students and a Professor of the Practice.

Guest: Professor Chris Magee

What can be learned from getting away (in time and space) and reflecting? What should our education do?
11 More on engineering education: change is hard especially when it is cultural Maybe it is not possible for change to occur?
12-13 Student presentations and discussion

General questions: Are we doing the right thing for our students? Do MIT students have any advantages over our competitors? What should our education do?

Specific questions: Where do you want your education to take you? What do you think it should give you? How do you think MIT will help you achieve these goals?