Lecture Notes

1 Introduction to the Study of Ethnic and National Identity: The Stakes, and Why the Stakes Are So High (PDF)  
2 Ethnic Identity I (PDF) (PDF)
3 Ethnic Identity II (PDF) (PDF)
4 Ethnic Identity III: The Hui (PDF) (PDF)
5 Nation and Nationalism I (PDF) (PDF)
6 Nation and Nationalism II (PDF) (PDF)
7 Ethnicity, state, Nation (PDF) (PDF)
8 State, Nation, Culture (PDF) (PDF)
9 Culture: Definitions (PDF) (PDF)
10 Ethnic Conflict I   (PDF)
11 Ethnic Conflict II   (PDF)
12 Race I (PDF) (PDF)
13 Race II (PDF) (PDF)
14 Race III   (PDF)
15 Ethnic Identity, Nationalism and Gender (PDF) (PDF)
16 Ethnic Identity, State, and Sexuality   (PDF)
17 Religion, Ethnicity, the Nation (PDF) (PDF)
18 Language and Culture, Ethnicity, Race (PDF) (PDF)
19 Culture Recovery   (PDF)
20 Culture: Appropriations, Heritage, "Selling Culture"    
21 Human Rights, Collective Rights   (PDF)
22 New Social Movements   (PDF)
23 Transnationalism, Globalization and Culture (PDF) (PDF)
24 The State: Hegemony and Push-back   (PDF)