SES # Topics
1 Campus Tour: Relationships betweeen spaces
2 Optimist's Daughter reading; BH demo on drafting, cutting. Make scale figures, build 1/8-scale cube models. Students and TAs talk about choices of designer
3 Due: Written statement on choice of designer, facilities; Begin 1/8-scale context model; BH demo on using trace to "surprise yourself"
4 South End Field Trip
5 Due: 1/8-scale sketch plans, card-stock spaces on context model; BH talk on site attitudes
6 Pin-up: First arrangement of work-space "cubes" on 1/8-scale models; BH demo on SketchUp
7 Due: First sketch of site apportionment; BH demo on fome-cor; Build 1/16-scale gesture model
8 Inter-group Exhibit: SketchUp site images; BH talk on columns as structure and idea
9 Carpenter Center tour: Spaces within a structural order
10 Due: 1/4-scale plan of site on trace; TA demos on column experience; Column experience on 1/4-scale plans
11 Due: First-pass columns on 1/4-scale plans and 1/8-scale models; BH talk on using SketchUp in designs
12 Inter-group Pin-up: Second-pass 1/4-scale plans and 1/8-scale models; Class work on beams and planes
13 First Mid-Review: 1/4-scale plans and 1/8-scale model showing "heavy," "hollow," and structure
14 Photo and advising day; BH talk on spatial zones, organizing plan and site by abstraction
15 Due: "Final" 1/4-scale plans; BH talk on 1/2-scale "show" plans and "tectonic nature" of concrete
16 Due: 1/2-scale plans; BH demo on concrete formwork and casting; Talk in groups on 1-in-scale Detail Models
17 Work in class on concrete formwork
18 Second Mid-Review: 1/2-scale plans and 1-in-scale Detail Models
19 Photo day; Begin construct 1/2-scale Final Model base
20 Due: Completed 1/2-scale model base; BH talk on proportion and openings
21 Pin-up: Massing in chip on 1/2-scale final model. Desk crits on opening sketches
22 Due: Site "heavy" built in chipboard, "final" massing of studio sketched in chipboard, first-pass openings sketched on trace overlays
23 Inter-group Exhibit: "Pre-final" 1/2-scale models
24 Last class
25 Final Review: With faculty, alums, and guests, all day in the review spaces