week # topics assignments

Part I: Background Research


Briefing and Reconnaissance


Documentation and Analysis

Document the Downtown Providence Plan

(a) Visit Providence, walk the streets and document the city with photographs, drawings, and maps; and

(b) Create an accurate, current plan of Central Providence by modifying an AutoCAD base map.


Interpretive Analysis

Analyze Central Providence

Using standard urban design analysis techniques, analyze the central city in terms of

(a) Building types

(b) Blocks (size, density, etc.)

(c) Streets (width, section, height of adjacent buildings, density of adjacent buildings, architecture, regularity, etc.)

(d) Open spaces (size, location, shape, density, etc.)

(e) Use

(f) Circulation

(g) Etc.

Also identify Central Providence's positive characteristics and problematic issues.

Part II: Urban Design Concept Development


Alternative Concepts

Develop a series of alternate urban design concepts based on your documentation and analysis. These concepts should be represented in plan form.


Urban Design: Public Spaces, Building Typologies and Plots, Facades and Streets, Urban Plan and Massing and Program

Pick a preferred scheme from the alternatives developed in Week 4. Further develop the scheme especially in terms of its

(a) Public Spaces (plan, section, elevation, perspective);

(b) Block structure including lots and functional uses (plan);

(c) Facades (elevation, section);

(d) Streets (plan, section, elevation, perspective);

(e) Urban Plan (plan);

(f) Massing (plan, elevation, perspective); and

(g) Program (plan).

Part III: Recommendations / Documentation


Illustrative Design and Guidelines: Urban Guidelines, Streets, Spaces

Identify a specific precinct or local area to develop in more detail. Develop a set of urban design guidelines for this area. Illustrate the streets and spaces of this precinct using plans, sections, elevations, and perspective drawings.


Documentation and Presentation

Bring the work of the semester together into a final presentation document and present the work to a panel of faculty, outside reviewers and a representative from the City of Providence.