Final Project

There is no final exam; rather you are expected to demonstrate your grasp of the course material in your final project. For your final project research, you will have two choices:

Path 1

Produce a set of documentation that includes reconstructed key plans, sections, elevations and a physical model of a manageable scale from your research. Be prepared to present this building with these materials mounted on two 20x30 foam core boards. Compose in a way such that the two boards displayed horizontally can fit plans, sections and elevations of your chosen building. The scale of the model should be manageable (physical size to be approximately 18"x18").

Finally, submit one pdf document containing the following:

  • Reproduction content of the two 20x30 boards
  • Several digital photographs of the model
  • A comprehensive bibliography of the sources that you have used on your research of this building

Path 2

A research paper on the building of your selection. Trace the building history and the architect and his/her circumstances surrounding the design and ultimate construction of the building. Please compile a complete list of bibliography that includes all books, magazine articles and images. The paper length should be about 15 pages. The paper should demonstrate what you have learned in the class and analyze in depth the building in question with insights gained from the course materials and the field trips. Establish relationships to as many as appropriate canonical architects that we have covered or architectural movements and establish cogent and convincing analysis of the building. Examples of analysis can include but not limited to building form, materials, concepts, circumstances surrounding the design of the building, architects that designed the building, how this building compare to the other works of the same architect and his contemporaries.

Emphasis should be place on the research of the bibliography materials that indicates all the reading materials related to the building. Any video documentary or pending publishing of DVDs should be noted as well.

Assignment Files

The table below contains a list of building suggestions and examples of student projects. All student work is used with permission.

Building list and bibliography notes (PDF)
"Kaufmann Desert House" (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 23.6MB)
"Taliesin West" (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 1.8MB)
"Victoria McAlmon House" (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 6.7MB)