1 Introduction / Woodland Cemetery
2 Discuss Objects 1. An Object
3 Discuss Objects
4 Tool Maker's Paradigm Reddy
5 Discussion of Infinite Corridor 2. Infinite Corridor Lyford, Jacobs, Durrell, Mitchell
6 Characteristics of Design Goodman (Ways), Porter (Logic), Bordwell, Norman
7 Discussion of Replication 3. Replication
8 Reading Strategies
9 Exeter Library Field Trip
10 Discussion of Field Trip 4. Reading a Building: The Exeter Library
11 Discussion of Reading a Building: The Exeter Library
12 Discussion of Reading a Building (Cont.) Anderson (Volume Zero), Ronner, Porter (Re-reading), Goodman (How Buildings Mean)
13 Discussion of Part 4 of Reading a Building
14 Discussion of Type 5. Type Vidler, Argan, Moneo, deQuincy
15 Play Silent Game
16 Discuss Silent Game Habraken, Wittgenstein
17 Discussion of 6. 6. Redesigning the Game
18 The Power of Shape: Guest, George Stiny Stiny (either)
19 Formal grammar: Guest, Takehiko Nagakura
20 Deterministic and Evolutionary Computation in Design: Guest, Bill Mitchell
21 Discussion of 7: Guest, Takehiko Nagakura 7. Formal Grammar
22 Discussion of 7, Part 2: Guest, Takehiko Nagakura
23 Simulated Evolution, Class Game: Guest, Ben Loomis
24 Evolutionary Grammars: Guest, John Gero Gero Chapter in Bentley; Gero Web Essay
25 Discussion of 8: Guests, Ben Loomis, Alex Kilian 8. Evolutionary Grammar

Optimization - Key to Generative Systems? Guest, John Alex

Meaningful Process: Guest, Edith Ackermann

Bachelard, Lakoff, Geertz
27 Music and Rules: Room 4-364 Meyer
28 Discussion of 9. Guests, Edith Ackermann and Terry Knight 9. Meaningful Process
29 Final Discussion 10. Reflections