1 Intro/Slides
2 Wood/Plywood/Products/Behavior of wood
3 MFA Visit Bring sketchbook
4 Design/Milling/SquareBoard Assignment 1: 18"x24" drawing "Somewhere Between Mind and Life"
5 Mitch Ryerson Presentation
6 Work Day Cut board square
7 Dovetail/Handtools Cut dovetails
8 Pin-Up Rough Sketch Wood tally
9 Power Tools Wood order
10 Lumber Arrives/Distribute Mill lumber
11 Jig Making Final drawing/templates
12 Vacuum Bag Bending of Plywood,
using the Router 3 Ways
Build project designs
13 Work Day (cont.) Build project designs (cont.)
14 Work Day (cont.) Build project designs (cont.)
15 Work Day (cont.) Build project designs (cont.)
16 End of Semester: Display of Finished Pieces Build project designs (cont.)