Students in the course are required to develop their own "technologies of inclusion." Innovative and playful adaptation and redesign of available equipment such as wearable, portable, movable and mobile devices, instruments, tools, toys, games, prostheses, mechanical and electronic systems will be welcome. Situational and environmental interventions, inventions, alterations and appropriations are also encouraged. Students may integrate their ongoing artistic and research projects with the course's agenda in order to produce original work. Exemplary projects are presented below in PDF format and are courtesy of students named. Additional project images are posted in the Image Gallery.

  • "Wonderbox" - Hope Ginsburg (PDF)

  • "Dis/mantle" - Marisa Jahn (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF)

  • "Utterlounge" - Kate James (PDF - 4.6 MB)

  • "Green Skirt / Green Urinal" - Jae Rhim Lee (PDF - 6.0 MB)

  • "Green/House Gas or Park Park" - Casey Renner (PDF - 2.0 MB)