1 Introduction  
Thermal aspects of a building
2 Outside environment and human needs Homework 1 assigned
3 Heat flow Design project: building selection
4 Air flow

Homework 1 due

Homework 2 assigned

5 Humid air  
6 Thermal comfort and insulation Homework 2 due
7 Condensation and moisture Homework 3 assigned
8 Climate-responsive design  
9 Passive controls, thermal balance Homework 3 due
10 Forms of energy and active heating/cooling  
Lighting aspects of a building
11 Physics of light, photometry

Design project: thermal balance report due

Homework 4 assigned

12 Vision and colors, visual comfort Homework 4 due
  In-class quiz: thermal aspects, lighting  
13 Designing with natural light  
14 Electric lighting Homework 5 assigned
Acoustic aspects of a building
15 Sound and hearing  
16 Noise insulation

Homework 5 due

Homework 6 assigned

17 Room acoustics Homework 6 due
Construction methods
18 Construction principles, foundations  
19 Masonry Design project: lighting and acoustics report due
20 Concrete Homework 7 assigned
21 Timber  
22 Steel Homework 7 due
  In-class quiz: acoustics, construction  
23 Building elements: walls, openings, floors, roofs  
24 Integration of all aspects of building technology (class discussion) Design project: relocated building report due