Lab 1: Design of Passive-Solar Houses
1 Course Introduction

Introduction to Modeling Thermal Systems

Electrical-circuit Analogies
2 Thermal-mass Measurements (Mr. Potato Head), Demonstration of Thermal-dynamics Spreadsheet Program

Design and Construction of Passive-Solar Test House
Assignment 1 due
3 Modeling Thermal Dynamics

Solar Heat Gain through Windows
4 Review of Thermal Time Constant Estimates from Mr. Potato Head

Completion of Construction of Test Houses

Demonstration of Temperature Loggers

Launching of Loggers and Deploying of Test Houses
Assignment 2 due
5 Prediction of Temperatures inside Test Houses

Downloading Temperature Data

Comparison of Prediction and Measurement

Modifying Test Houses

Reinstalling Temperature Loggers

Assignment 3 due

6 Solar Heat Gain through Walls and Roofs

Comparison of Walls and Windows
7 Heat Capacity of Air inside a House

Multi-node Models

Frequency Analysis

MATLAB® Modeling of Complex Thermal Models

Downloading Temperature Data

Modifying Houses and Reinstalling Temperature Loggers

Guidelines for Lab Report 1
Assignment 4 due
Lab 2: Natural Ventilation
8 Fundamentals of Natural Ventilation: Hydrostatic Equation, Ideal Gas Law, Bernoulli's Equation, Orifice Equation
9 Presentations of Results from Lab 1

Introduction to Urban Housing in China

Construction of Model Apartment Balconies (Indoor-outdoor Transition Spaces) for Wind-driven Airflow Studies or Model Office and Atrium for Buoyancy-driven Airflow Studies

Assignment 5 due

10 Fundamentals of Natural Ventilation (cont.)

Buoyancy and Wind-driven Airflows
11 Airflow Measurements with Hot-wire Anemometer Lab report 1 due

Assignment 6 due
12 Combined Buoyancy-driven and Wind-driven Flows

Single-sided Ventilation

Templates for Internal Distribution of Air

Simulation Tool for Estimating Wind-driven and Buoyancy Driven Airflows
13 Airflow Simulation Using CONTAMW V2.0 Assignment 7 due
14 Scaling Relationships

Reynolds Number

Modeling Airflows and Temperatures
15 Construction and Test of a Model for Convective Cooling of Thermal Mass

Guidelines for Lab Report 2
Assignment 8 due
Lab 3: Daylighting
16 Lighting Fundamentals

Lighting Measurements

Luminance and Illuminance Calculations

Luminous Efficacy of Lamps
17 Introduction to Gujarati Houses

Construction of Base-case House
Assignment 9 due
18 Inverse Square Law and Applications

Zonal-cavity Method for Lighting Design
19 Daylighting Measurements in Base-case House Lab report 2 due

Assignment 10 due
20 Daylighting Fundamentals

Lumen and Daylight Factor Methods

Calculation of Benefit of Roof Openings

Modification of Models and Second-round Tests
Assignment 11 due
21 Lighting Simulation with Lightscape
22 Daylighting Simulation in Gujarati Houses

Comparison of Predicted and Measured Lighting Levels

Guidelines for Lab Report 3
23 Design of Sustainable Housing for Afghanistan Assignment 12 due
24 Calculations and Simulations in Support of the Design of Sustainable Housing
25 Integration of Energy, Airflow and Lighting
26 Project Presentations Lab report 3 due