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Further Readings

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Readings by Session

All chapters in the following table are from the Levenspiel textbook. The notes for Lec #11-22 are not available on MIT OpenCourseWare, except for Lec #15 and 16.

1 Introduction, energy Chapter 1, 2A, and 10
2 Energy, work Chapter 3A and 4A
3 Conservation of energy, heat Chapter 3B and 4B
4 Energy conservation Chapter 5A, 6A, and 7
5 Water liquid and vapor Chapter 8 and 12B
6 Water, refrigerants, gases Chapter 12B-D, 2C, and 11
7 Steady state flow Chapter 13
8 Heating and cooling systems  
9 Natural ventilation  
10 Transients, moist air mixtures Chapter 14 and 2A
11 Psychrometrics Notes
12 Quiz review Notes
13 Quiz 1  
14 Applications Notes
15 Heat transfer introduction Notes (PDF)
16 Conductive heat transfer, moisture transfer in walls Notes (PDF)
17 Composite walls Notes
18 Convection  
19 Introduction to design project 2: radiation  
20 Human comfort Notes
21 Quiz 2  
22 Solar radiation, windows Notes
23 Introduction to the second law Chapter 15
24 Entropy, cogeneration systems Chapter 18A, C-E, and 20A-C
25 Heat pumps, refrigeration cycles Chapter 16, 17A, and 20D
26 Tour: Building 68, Koch Biology Building; and Building N51, MIT Museum and the Digital Design Fabrication Group Chapter 16, 17A, and 20D
27 Review