LeC # TOPICS readings
1 Course Introduction Hagan, Susannah. "The Good, the Bad and the Juggled: The New Ethics of Building Materials." The Journal of Architecture 3 (Summer 1998). Frampton, Kenneth. "Seven Points for the Millennium: An Untimely Manifesto." The Journal of Architecture 5 (Spring 2000).
2 Foundations  
3 Foundation Diagrams  
4 Introduction to Sustainable Design Issues Schwartz, Joel, and Dana Joel Gattuso. "Extended Producer Responsibility: Reexamining its Role in Environmental Progress." Reason (June 2002).
5 Architecture Structures  
6 Architecture Structures 2  
7 Quiz 1  
8 Wood 1  
9 Wood 2 State of the World's Forests. FAO, 2003. Wood Handbook: Wood as an Engineering Material. Madison, Wisconsin: Forest Products Laboratory, USDA Forest Service, 1999. Chapters 1, 4, and 10. Buy at Amazon Matthews, Emily, and Allen Hammond. Critical Consumption Trends and Implications: Degrading Earth's Ecosystems. World Resources Institute, 1999. Chapter 2. ISBN: 1569734100. Optional Readings

Wood Fiber Consumption and the World's Forests (PDF) United Nations System-Wide Earthwatch: Forests - Forest Loss Measuring the State of the World's Forests: An Introduction to the Scientific Analysis of Forest Cover and Forest Loss
10 Active Statics Fridley, Kenneth J. "Wood and Wood-Based Materials: Current Status and Future of a Structural Material." Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering (March-April 2002): 91-96. Haller, P, J. Wehsener, P. Offermann, G. Franzke, and T. Engler. "Reinforcement of Timber Joints with Load-adapted Textile Structures." Wood Focus Oy. Lathi, Finland: November 7th 2001. Case Study: "Glulam Beams Keep Duck Fans Dry: University of Oregon's Autzen Stadium Renovation" APA: The Engineered Wood Association, 2002. Case Study: "REI: A Store with an Environmental Conscience." APA: The Engineered Wood Association, 1997. Case Study: "Disney Ice: The Warmth of Wood Heats Up an Anaheim Ice Rink." APA: The Engineered Wood Association, 2002. Optional Readings APA Product Guide: Structural Insulated Panels (PDF) Wooden Tower, Helsinki Zoo (Case Study)
11 Exterior Envelopes  
12 Window Technologies  
13 AL Roof System  
14 Quiz 2 Optional Readings Aluminum Now Online: "All That Glitters is Green: Aluminum Roof Chips Reflect Heat, Reduce Ozone and Energy Bills."
15 Exterior Envelopes 2  
16 Masonry 1  
17 Masonry 2  
18 Masonry 3  
19 Metals  
20 Concrete 1  
21 Final Session