Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 1 session / week, 3 hours / session

Recitations: 5 sessions total, 3 hours / session

Course Description

This course will guide graduate students through the process of using rapid prototyping and CAD/CAM devices in a studio environment. The class has a theoretical focus on machine use within the process of design. Each student is expected to have completed one graduate level of design computing with a full understanding of solid modeling in CAD. Students are also expected to have completed at least one graduate design studio.


Buy at Amazon Kieran, Stephen, and James Timberlake. Refabricating Architecture: How Manufacturing Methodologies are Poised to Transform Building Construction. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2003. ISBN: 9780071433211.

Buy at Amazon Schodek, Daniel, et al. Digital Design and Manufacturing: CAD/CAM Applications in Architecture and Design. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, 2004. ISBN: 9780471456360.


Your grade will be based on full participation in all aspects of the course, including attendance, completion of assignments, final presentations, and class participation.

Assignments 60%
Final presentations 30%
Class participation 10%