1 Introduction
2 Basic Concepts

Shape Representation

Shape Arithmetic

Shape Rules
Assignment 1 due
3 Basic Concepts (cont.)

Rule Application: Nondeterminism, Emergence, Labeling

Parametric Design and Grammars
Assignment 2 due
4 Style and Analysis

"The Immediacy of the Artist's Mark in Computation" - Guest Lecture, Jacquelyn Martino
Assignment 3 due
5 Style and Analysis (cont.)

Inference Problem

Decomposition and Meaning

Examples: Ice Rays, Palladio
Assignment 4 due
6 Assignment 4 Review

Student Presentations of their Assignments
Assignment 5 due
7 Creative Design

Basic Grammars
8 Creative Design (cont.)

Beyond Basic Grammars
Assignment 6 due
9 Creative Design (cont.)

Shaper2D Computer Program

Nondeterministic Shaper2D Computer Program
Assignment 7 due
10 Creative Design (cont.)

Shaper3D Computer Program

Design Project Examples
Assignment 8 due
11 Emergence and Predictability
12 Final Project Review Final project due