Lecture Notes

All of the student work is courtesy of the students named, and was originally collected for the course Web site.  The course Web site, where these notes were originally compiled, was designed and maintained by the Teaching Assistant of the course, Leonardo Diaz Borioli.

1-2 Lecture 1: Introduction: Drawings, Numbers, and the Power of (Printed) Images (PDF)
3-4 Lecture 2: The Primacy of the Word: Vitruvius and the Mystery of his Missing Images (PDF)
5-6 Lecture 3: Alberti and the (Untrustworthy) Power of Man-made Images (PDF)
7-8 Lecture 4: Alberti's Improbable Image-making Technologies (PDF)
9-10 Lecture 5: No Lecture

Discussion of Final Presentation Topics
11-12 Lecture 6: Image-making Technologies, Architecture, and Identical Replication (PDF)
13-14 Lecture 7: On Some Semi-automatic Machines for the Drawing of the Architectural Orders Oddly Invented in the Seventeenth Century (PDF)
15-16 Lecture 8: Final Lecture (PDF)

Final Presentations