Lecture Notes

Each of these lecture notes is a compilation of the images discussed in class.

1 Constructing the Past (PDF)

Exploring Forth and Digging Under
2 Prelude to an Architecture of Globalization: The Transatlantic Slave Trade (PDF)
3 Landscape (PDF)

The Politics of Site
4 Architecture and Industrialism, Part 1: The Ghosts of Technology
5 Architecture as Ornament (PDF)
6 Architecture and Industrialism, Part 2: Masses, Classes and Regions
7 Domesticity; Gender in Space (PDF)
8 Making of the Modernist Avant-Garde and the Operative Historian
9 Body Talk (PDF)

Body as Metaphor in Architecture
10 Ludic Spaces (PDF)

The Architecture of Play
11 Lines Across the City

Architecture and the State (PDF)
12 Post-War Narratives of "Development" (PDF)
13 Final Lecture (PDF)