Student Projects

[Field Trip Documentary]


Students who participated in the field trip created a collective video, Travelogue of the Undocumentable, which documented their trip to Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. An accompanying blog post is available at the Arts at MIT website.

Final Project Assignments

Studio Projects

Studio projects will be presented in a completely finished, exhibition-­worthy state on Session 13, for a panel of critics. You will work with the TA on preparing for this public presentation (see below). An associating text of 3-5 pages describing your research and process for this project (with thesis/ justification/ polemic and illustrations of process) must be uploaded to the course website within a week after the last class.

Scholarly Papers

Scholarly papers will range from 15-20 pages, will include your own research, and will be submitted in a polished, double-spaced, footnoted, proofread, style-aligned format, complete with thesis argument, evidence, and supporting bibliography. If you choose this option, you will give a 10-minute presentation with visuals clarifying your thesis for class feedback on Session 12. A print out of the final paper should be submitted to the instructors, but please also upload a PDF of the paper to the course website within a week after the last class.

Hybrid Projects

Hybrid projects can combine the options above, or can articulate another disciplinary path (e.g. conservation plan or site analysis). The balance of writing and materialization of your final assignment is up to you, but must be worked out well in advance with the instructors and TA.

All final projects should have research and written components, using the course readings/site visits/bibliography to cite in a meaningful fashion at least three of these sources.


Abstract/Proposal and Bibliography - a paragraph or page describing your intended approach to the research and completion of your project, with a project bibliography, drawing on the course readings supplemented by other material you have identified to support your approach, with sources formatted according to a style guide (i.e. in the manner you see in the course syllabus). Final studio project outlines should include a clear production plan. Due in class Session 6.

Presentation - a presentation of your paper or project to classmates and critics.

Scholarly: Rehearsed, ten-minute presentations, articulating the thesis argument and accompanied by slides. To be presented on Session 12.

Studio: Final studio presentations should be in a finished, exhibition-worthy state. The TA will coordinate installation plans with you. You must submit a project title and description to her well ahead of time to be included in didactic materials circulated to classmates and critics. To be presented on Session 13.

Written Component - clear, proofread, with citations as in the format of the syllabus, uploaded to the course website and provided in hard copy within a week after the last class.