1 Introduction, syllabus review, assignment of presentations

Constitution of the Iroquois Nations c. 1400-1600.

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Before class meeting, please consult these items:

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2 Out to Work: Landscape-Labor-Commodity

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3 MIT holiday, no formal class meeting
  1. Complete readings from field trip bibliography
  2. Prepare Lavine Lecture contributions

Minimalism, Monument, Money, Mortgage

Workshop on field trip readings; run-through of Lavine lecture presentations
5 What is/is not a landscape?

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"Preserving" "Natural" "Culture"

Guest visit: Mark Jarzombek

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Read the following selections:

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  • "Introduction"
  • "Tribal Sovereignty over Archaeology"
  • "Enhancing Tribal Roles"
  • "Tribal Sovereignty and Historic Preservation"

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7 Urban Counterparts? Part 1

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8 Landscape Perception

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Read the following selections:

  • "Introduction: The Education of the Eye"
  • "The Leasowes and Hagley Park: A School for Taste"
  • "The Sentimental Look"

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9 Urban Counterpoints? Part 2

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Holiday, no regular class meeting

Class will meet at List Visual Arts Center for the Lavine Lecture

Prior to Lavine Lecture by James Nisbet, please read:

Buy at MIT Press Buy at Amazon Nisbet, James. "Planetary Visions: Land Art, Minimalism, and the Whole Earth." In Ecologies, Environments, and Energy Systems in Art of the 1960s and 1970s. The MIT Press, 2014. ISBN: 9780262026703.

11 Politics of Nature

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12 Final Research Paper presentations No assigned readings
13 Final Studio Project presentations No assigned readings