Lecture Notes

1 Biological Engineering and Programming DNA (PDF)  
2 Abstraction: From DNA to Parts  
3 Abstraction: From Parts to Devices  
4 Device Modeling and Simplification  
5 Guest Lecture: Tom Knight  
6 Guest Lecture: Gerry Sussman  
7 Device Analysis  
8 Device Composition  
9 Decomposition of Complex Problems  
10 Devices, Revisited  
11 Genetic Devices and Device Modeling (PDF) Comic (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 1.5 MB)

First Order Decay (PDF)

Second Order Binding (PDF)
12 Discussion and Review  
  Exam 1  
13 Sequence Optimization  
14 DNA Detection and Identification  
15 Space and Time Systems  
16 Programming Space and Time Systems  
17 Programming Space and Time Systems (cont.)  
18 Growing Point Language  
19 "Crop Circle" Language  
20 Semester Review  
  Exam 2  
21 Course Evaluation and Wrap-Up