Day 6: Table-read and Office Hours

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Half of the class will read their script aloud while everyone will make live comments and feedback. The latter part of class will allow you to tinker with the equipment; teaching staff will be available for technical help.


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Yuliya's Table-read (00:05:11) Yuliya's Script (DOC)
David's Table-read (00:30:29) David's Script (DOC)
Nathan's Table-read (01:01:57) Nathan's script is not available
Andrea's Table-read (01:22:18) Andrea's Script
PJ's Table-read (01:38:48) PJ's Script (DOC)


Daily Blog / Vlog Assignment

Upload a video, written blog post, pictures, etc. reflecting on insights gained from the workshop today on the class site (as a reader or as a listener).

Instructor and Student Work

Daily Blogs / Vlogs

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