There will be a total of twelve assignments. Initial homework assignments will focus on mathematical modeling and concepts covered in class, including some work in MATLAB®. Later assignments (Model Implementation Assignments) will consist of more involved work in MATLAB®, implementing models described in assigned papers from the literature.


  1. Solutions should be explained and supported (e.g. by plots, discussions, and/or derivations, depending on the problem). Remember to properly label all plots as discussed in the previous section.
  2. For assignments using MATLAB®, email an executable copy of your code to the TAs. Please name all your files according to the following convention:

    HW set code: yourusername_HW#.m (e.g., cookb_1.m)

    All function m-files: yourusername_fxnname.m (e.g., cookb_dydt.m)

    (Note that you can name your function m-files however you like)
  3. Homework should be typed (model derivations, formulas, etc. may be written in).

Guidelines for Model Implementation Assignments (PDF)