This page lists the readings assigned per class session. Chapters from the course textbook are cited as:

[TORA] = Buy at Amazon Yannas, I. V. Tissue and Organ Regeneration in Adults. New York, NY: Springer, 2001. ISBN: 9780387952147.

I. Tissue environment of the implanted biomaterial: unit cell processes
1 Survey of clinical cases of biomaterials-tissue interactions Class notes: "Survey of Clinical Cases of Biomaterials-Tissue Interactions: The Paradigm." (PDF)

Tissue structures and unit cell processes

Integrins and adhesion proteins

Class notes: "Tissue Structure/Unit Cell Processes." (PDF)

Giancotti, F. G., and E. Ruoslahti. "Integrin Signaling." Science 285 (August 13, 1999): 1028-1032.

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3 Unit cell processes comprising the healing response

Class notes: "Unit Cell Processes in the Tissue Environment." (PDF)

Gehrig, L., and M. I. O'Connor. "Putting Sex in Your Orthopaedic Practice." AAOS Now, June 2008.

4 Unit cell processes underlying tissue engineering  
5 Structure and function of naturally occurring ECMs

Di Lullo, G. A., et al. "Mapping the Ligand-binding Sites and Disease-associated Mutations on the Most Abundant Protein in the Human, Type I Collagen." J Biol Chem 277, no. 6, I (February 8, 2002): 4223-4231.

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Buy at Amazon Darnell, J. E., H. F. Lodish, and D. Baltimore. "Laminin, Fibronectin and Other Multiadhesive Matrix Glycoproteins." Chapter 23.4 in Molecular Cell Biology. 2nd ed. New York, NY: W. H. Freeman, 1990, pp. 920-924. ISBN: 9780716719816.

6 ECM does not regenerate spontaneously [TORA], Chapters 1 and 2
7 Quiz 1  
II. Cell-surface interactions
8 Analysis of surfaces of biomaterials and protein adsorption

Class notes: "Characteristics of the Surfaces of Biomaterials." (PDF)

Class notes: "Methodology for Chemical Analysis of Surfaces." (PDF)

Buy at Amazon Ratner, B. D. "Surface Properties of Biomaterials." In Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials. Edited by B. D. Ratner et al. Burlington, MA: Academic Press, 1996, pp. 21-35. ISBN: 9780125824606. [Preview in Google Books]

Buy at Amazon Andrade, J. D., ed. Excerpts from "Principles of Protein Adsorption." Chapter 1 in Surface and Interfacial Aspects of Biomedical Polymers, Vol. 2. Protein Adsorption. New York, NY: Plenum Press, 1985. ISBN: 9780306417412.

9 Phenotype changes following adhesion on biomaterials  
10 Structural determinants of biologically active materials  
11 Methodology for cell-surface interactions  
12 Cell-scaffold interactions during regeneration

[TORA], Chapters 9 and 10

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Freyman, T. M., I. V. Yannas, R. Yokoo, and L. J. Gibson. "Fibroblast Contractile Force Is Independent of the Stiffness Which Resists the Contraction." Experimental Cell Research 272 (2002): 153-162.

13 Noncooperative cell-surface interactions  
14 From randomness to cooperativity  
15 Quiz 2  
III. In vivo and clinical case studies
16 Tissue response to implants; biocompatibility

Dolores, W., et al. "Cellular and Molecular Composition of Fibrous Capsules Formed Around Silicone Breast Implants with Special Focus on Local Immune Reactions." Journal of Autoimmunity 23, no. 1 (2004): 81-91.

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Buy at Amazon Spector, M., and P. A. Lalor. "In Vivo Assessment of Tissue Compatibility." Chapter 5.3 in Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials. Edited by B. D. Ratner, et al. Burlington, MA: Academic Press, 1996, pp. 220-228. ISBN: 9780125824606. [Preview in Google Books]

17 Epithelialization (epidermal regeneration) and endothelialization of vascular prostheses

Buter, C. E., D. P. Orgill, I. V. Yannas, and C. C. Compton. "Effect of Keratinocyte Seeding of Collagen-Glycosaminoglycan Membranes on the Regeneration of Skin in a Porcine Model." Plastic & Recontructive Surgery 101, no. 6 (May 1998): 1572-1579.

18 In vivo synthesis of skin [TORA], Chapter 5
19 In vivo synthesis of peripheral nerve

[TORA], Chapter 6

Yannas, I. V., M. Zhang, and M. H. Spilker. "Standardized Criterion to Analyze and Directly Compare Various Materials and Models for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration." J Biomater Sci, Polymer Edn 18, no. 8 (2007): 943-966.

20 Rules for synthesis of tissues and organs [TORA], Chapter 7
21 Joints and dental tissues: prosthetic replacement  
22 Implants for bone regeneration  
23 Regeneration of soft musculoskeletal tissues  
24 Biomaterial applications in the heart and other organs  
25 Quiz 3