Each student will give a 5 minute formal introduction to one of the papers that we will discuss in class. The papers and corresponding dates will be selected by each student once the semester has begun.

1 Introduction  
2 Innate Immunity  
3 Antibodies  
4 MHC Class I - Peptide Processing and Loading
Instructor Demonstration of a Presentation
5 MHC Class I - Maturation of Heavy Chains  
6 NK Cells  
7 CD4/MHC Class II  
8 Endocytosis/Degradation Assignment due: write title and abstract of article
9 Anergizing/Tolerizing of T Cells  
10 Apoptosis  
11 Cytokines  
12 Plants First version of research proposal due
13 Student Oral Presentations Student oral presentations of research proposal due
14 Applications and Special Papers Final version of written research proposal due