Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology

A chart showing the culmative frequency of each of the four bases found in an DNA sample.

Gibbs Sampler - Strong Motif example. (Figure by Prof. Chris Burge.)


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7.91J / 7.36J / 20.490J

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Spring 2004


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The MIT Initiative in Computational and Systems Biology (CSBi) is a campus-wide research and education program that links biology, engineering, and computer science in a multidisciplinary approach to the systematic analysis and modeling of complex biological phenomena. This course is one of a series of core subjects offered through the CSB Ph.D program, for students with an interest in interdisciplinary training and research in the area of computational and systems biology.

This course site includes an extensive listing of bioinformatics tools with links to online resources in the tools section as well as a full set of lecture notes.

Course Description

Serving as an introduction to computational biology, this course emphasizes the fundamentals of nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis, structural analysis, and the analysis of complex biological systems. The principles and methods used for sequence alignment, motif finding, structural modeling, structure prediction, and network modeling are covered. Students are also exposed to currently emerging research areas in the fields of computational and systems biology.

Burge, Christopher, Michael Yaffe, Peter Woolf, and Amy Keating. 7.91J Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology, Spring 2004. (MIT OpenCourseWare: Massachusetts Institute of Technology), (Accessed). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

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