The Structures module features a design task in which students are asked to design, fabricate and test a simply-supported truss which will support a prescribed load without failure. This section also includes in-class exercises and laboratory work.

Design Task

Problem Statement (PDF)

Design Review Information (PDF 1) (PDF 2)

Testing and Report Guidelines (PDF)

Summary of Results (PDF)

Laboratory Exercises

The Tension Test (PDF)

Beam Bending (PDF)

Beam Buckling (PDF)

Results (PDF)

Class Exercises

(PDF 1)

(PDF 2)

(PDF 3)

Trussworks — Trussworks allows users to easily create and analyze 2D structures using the Direct Stiffness Method. It models truss structures that can carry axial loads. The click and drag interface lets you input two-dimensional structures, but the program can take in and perform calculations for three-dimensional structures as well using a text based XML® input.