Calendar and Readings


[Barro] = Buy at Amazon Barro, Robert. Intermediate Macroeconomics. 1st ed. Cengage Learning, 2010. ISBN: 9781111486587. [Preview with Google Books]

1 Introduction [Barro] Chapters 1, and 2.
2 The Solow Model: An Introduction to Macroeconomic Modeling and Economic Growth

[Barro] Chapters 3, 4, and 5.

Solow, Robert M. "A Contribution to the Theory of Economic Growth." The Quarterly Journal of Economics 70, no. 1 (1956): 65–94.

Mankiw, N. Gregory, David Romer, et al. "A Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth." The Quarterly Journal of Economic Growth 107, no. 2 (1992): 407–37.

3 Consumption and Saving

[Barro] Chapter 7.

Hall, Robert E. This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader."Stochastic Implications of the Life Cycle-Permanent Income Hypothesis: Theory and Evidence." (PDF - 1.6MB) Journal of Political Economy 86, no. 6 (1978): 971.

4 Labor Supply No readings
5 The Neoclassical Growth Model (aka Ramsey Model) No readings
6 First Exam No readings
7 Endogenous Growth

[Barro] Chapter 5.

Lucas Jr., Robert E. "Making a Miracle." Econometrica 61, no. 2 (1993): 251–72.

8 Fiscal Policy: Taxation, Public Debt, and Redistribution

[Barro] Chapters 13, and 14.

Barro, Robert J. "Are Government Bonds Net Wealth?" Journal of Political Economy 82, no. 6 (1974): 1095–117.

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Alesina, Alberto, and George-Marios Angeletos. "Fairness and Redistribution." The American Economic Review 95, no. 4 (2005): 960–80.

9 Economic Fluctuations: Neoclassical Framework (Real Business Cycles, Monetary Neutrality) [Barro] Chapters 8, 9, and 11.
10 Economic Fluctuations: Nominal Frictions (Nominal Confusion, Sticky Prices / Wages) [Barro] Chapters 15, and 16.
11 Monetary Policy: Stabilization Policies and Rules vs. Discretion Barro, Robert J., and David B. Gordon. "Rules, Discretion and Reputation in a Model of Monetary Policy." Journal of Monetary Economics 12, no. 1 (1983): 101–21.
12 Second Exam No readings
13 Financial Crises and Coordination Failures

Calvo, Guillermo. "Servicing the Public Debt: The Role of Expectations." The American Economic Review 78, no. 4 (1988): 647–61.

Diamond, Douglas W., and Philip H. Dybvig. "Bank Runs, Deposit Insurance, and Liquidity." Journal of Political Economy 91, no. 3 (1983): 401–19.