Lecture Notes

Lec # topics
Games with Incomplete Information
1 Bayesian-Nash games (PDF)
Auctions and Mechanism Design
2 Auctions 1: Common auctions, revenue equivalence, and optimal mechanisms (PDF)
3 Auctions 2: Independent private values (IPV) and revenue equivalence (PDF)

Auctions 3: Interdependent values and linkage principle (PDF)

Auctions 4: Multiunit auctions and Cremer-McLean mechanism (PDF)

Static Models
5 Simple models: Hidden information, Spence's model, and hidden action (PDF)
6 Moral hazard: Multiple agents (PDF)
Dynamic Models
7 Dynamic adverse selection: DG monopoly with fixed types (PDF)
8 Dynamic moral hazard (PDF)
Surplus Division
9 Surplus division, fair distribution, the Shapley value, and Nash bargaining solution (PDF)