Lecture Notes

1 The Role of Government (PDF)
2 Markets (PDF)
3 Markets cont’d (PDF)
4 The Dominant Firm and Strategic Competition (PDF)
5 Introduction to Economic Regulation (PDF)
6 Public Enterprise (PDF)
7 Regulating Natural Monopolies: Electric Power Example (PDF)
8 Franchise Bidding: The Case of Cable Television (PDF)
9 Dynamic Issues in Natural Monopoly Regulation (PDF)
10 Dynamic Issues in Natural Monopoly Regulation 2 (PDF)
11 Deregulation of Surface Freight and Airlines (PDF)
12 Preparation for Midterm Exam (PDF)
15 Problems of De-regulation – The Case of UK Railways (PDF)
16 Problems of De-regulation -The Case of Californian Electricity (PDF)
17 Introduction to Social Regulation (PDF)
18 Valuing Non-Market Goods (PDF)
19 Environmental Regulation (PDF)
20 Markets for Clean Air (PDF)
21 Markets for Greenhouse Gases (PDF)
22 Regulation of Workplace Safety (PDF)
23 Regulation of Patents: The Case of Pharmaceuticals (PDF)
24 Regulation of Copyright: The Case of Internet Music (PDF)
25 Conclusion and Exam Syllabus (PDF)
26 Preparation for Final Exam (PDF)