1 Introduction to course  
2 Short paper topics Assignment due
3 Using Stata® (optional)  
4 Writing an economics paper  

Using the library

Library resources for research and communication in economics

6 TBD Short paper due
7 Preliminary presentations+  
8 Preliminary presentations+ (cont.)  
9–10 Required office hours with professor  
11 Three required office hours with TAs (through session 13)

Draft of intro, results, conclusion due

Short rewrite due

12 TBD Main paper due
13 Presentations*  
14 Presentations* (cont.)  
15 Presentations* (cont.)  
16 Presentations* (cont.)  
17 Presentations* (cont.)  
18 Presentations* (cont.)  
19 Course wrap-up Main rewrite due

+You will be required to attend one of the two preliminary presentation days.

*You will be required to attend three of the six presentation days.