Every student is required to make a presentation to the class of an existing paper from the syllabus (or elsewhere). Each presentation will be allotted 40 minutes. Students should feel free to use the blackboard and/or transparencies/powerpoint.

As a part of the presentation, students are required to prepare a report (roughly 3 pages) on the paper that they are discussing. The report should summarize and critically review the paper. The critical review is the most important part of the report and should account for roughly 2/3 of the total length. Students should concentrate on evaluating the paper with the criteria that we have discussed in class. Where appropriate, discuss the appropriateness/insightfulness of the model and/or the credibility of the empirical approach. If the paper does not have a model, students may want to discuss what a good model would look like. If the paper is theoretical, students should discuss what a meaningful test of the model would look like.

Student Presentation Topics

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