Some of the assignments in this course are based on Stata, a piece of data and statistical analysis software. For a brief overview of using Stata, there is An Introduction to Stata (PDF), by Michael Anderson. (Courtesy of Michael Anderson. Used with permission.)

Problem Set 1 (PDF) – due session 3

Dataset: AssassinationsData.dta (RAR)

Problem Set 2 (PDF) – due session 7

Dataset: mitaData.dta (DTA)

Problem Set 3 (PDF) – due session 12

Dataset: votingData.dta (DTA)

Problem Set 4 (PDF) – due session 17

Dataset: IncomeandDemocracy.dta (DTA)

Problem Set 5 (PDF) – due session 21

Dataset: mss_repdata.dta (DTA)

Problem Set 6 (PDF) – due session 24

Dataset: jpeordata.dta (DTA)