Recitation materials are courtesy of Simone Schaner, the course TA, and are used with permission.

1 Nonparametric regression and measurement error


STATA example (DO)

2 Differences-in-differences and clustering (PDF)
3 Questions on Acemoglu and Johnson (2006) and Field, Robles, and Torero (2007) (PDF)
4 A quick review of probit/binary limited dependent variable (LDV) maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) (PDF)
5 Regression discontinuity, attrition/bounds, and education (PDF)
6 Consumption insurance and separability (PDF)
7 Questions on Browning and Chiappori (1998) and empirical tests of efficient households (PDF)
8 Normal learning and inference with multiple outcomes (PDF)
9 Herding and technology adoption (PDF)
10 Some contract theory — moral hazard (PDF)
11 Property rights — empirical work (PDF)