L = Lectures
R = Recitations

R0 Introduction to the Course
L1 Sound Measurement: Amplitude, Frequency and Phase of Simple and Complex Sounds (rms vs peak, FFT and Spectrum, Relationship between Time Waveform, FFT and Impulse Response), Lumped Elements and Waves Homework 1 (Measurement of Sound) out 
L2 Sound Propagation in Space 1: Plane Waves, Characteristic Impedance, Traveling Waves, Trading of Time and Space
R1 Demonstration of Sound Measurement, Spectral Analysis and Traveling Waves
L3 Sound Propagation in Space 2: Spherical Waves, Multiple Sources Homework 1 due

Homework 2 (Sound Waves) out
L4 Diffraction of Sound, Localization Cues
R2 Review of Waves and Diffraction
L5 Psychoacoustics 1: Localization and Binaural Hearing Homework 2 due

Homework 3 (Psychoacoustics) out
L6 Psychoacoustics 2: Thresholds and Discrimination Lab 1: Waves in a room
R3 Psychoacoustic and Methods
L7 Circuits 1: Lumped Elements Homework 3 due

Homework 4 (Circuits) out
L8 Circuits 2: Combinations of Elements
R4 Circuit Elements
L9 Circuits 3: Equivalent Circuits Lab report 1 due
L10 Circuits 4: The Loudspeaker
R5 Circuit Theory
L11 Circuits 5: Microphones and Middle Ears Homework 4 due

Homework 5 (Acoustic Devices) out
L12 The Normal and Diseased Middle Ear
R6 Speakers and Microphones: Lab 2 Introduction
L13 Psychoacoustics 3: Masking and Frequency Selectivity Homework 5 due

Mid-term take-home exam out
L14 Psychoacoustics 4: Frequency Selectivity and Hearing Loss Lab 2: Psychoacoustics
R7 Demonstration of Psychoacoustics
L15 Tubes 1: Dimensional Equations, Natural Frequencies Mid-term exam due

Homework 6 (Psychoacoustics and Tubes) out
L16 Tubes 2: Perturbation Theory
R8 Demonstration of Natural Frequencies and Traveling Waves
L17 Tubes 3: Non-Uniformities and Losses Lab report 2 due
L18 Cochlear Mechanics 1: Hair Cells Homework 6 due

Homework 7 (Cochlear Mechanics) out
R9 Cochlear Models
L19 Cochlear Mechanics 2: The Passive Cochlea
R10 Speech Lab Prep/Cochlear Mechanics
L20 Speech Production 1: Vowels Lab 3: Speech Analysis
L21 Cochlear Mechanics 3: The Active Cochlea Homework 8 (Speech Sounds) out
Optional Recitation
L22 Speech Production 2: Fricative Sources and Consonants Homework 7 due
R11 Spectrogram Reading
L23 Speech Sound Production 3: More Consonants Lab report 3 due
L24 Speech Perception Homework 8 due

Quiz 2 out
R12 Review and Integration
L25 Psychoacoustics and Physiology: Gold 1948 Quiz 2 due (one week after L25)