Lecture Notes

ses # TOPICS
L1 Sound Measurement: Amplitude, Frequency and Phase of Simple and Complex Sounds (rms vs peak, FFT and Spectrum, Relationship between Time Waveform, FFT and Impulse Response), Lumped Elements and Waves (PDF)
L2 Sound Propagation in Space 1: Plane Waves, Characteristic Impedance, Traveling Waves, Trading of Time and Space (PDF)
L3 Sound Propagation in Space 2: Spherical Waves, Multiple Sources (PDF)
L4 Diffraction of Sound, Localization Cues (PDF - 1.2 MB)
L5 Psychoacoustics 1: Localization and Binaural Hearing
L6 Psychoacoustics 2: Thresholds and Discrimination
L7 Circuits 1: Lumped Elements (PDF)
L8 Circuits 2: Combinations of Elements (PDF)
L9 Circuits 3: Equivalent Circuits (PDF)
L10 Circuits 4: The Loudspeaker (PDF)
L11 Circuits 5: Microphones and Middle Ears (PDF)
L12 The Normal and Diseased Middle Ear (PDF - 1.6 MB)
L13 Psychoacoustics 3: Masking and Frequency Selectivity
L14 Psychoacoustics 4: Frequency Selectivity and Hearing Loss
L15 Tubes 1: Dimensional Equations, Natural Frequencies (PDF)
L16 Tubes 2: Perturbation Theory (PDF)
L17 Tubes 3: Non-Uniformities and Losses (PDF)
L18 Cochlear Mechanics 1: Hair Cells
L19 Cochlear Mechanics 2: The Passive Cochlea
L20 Speech Production 1: Vowels (PDF - 2.7 MB)
L21 Cochlear Mechanics 3: The Active Cochlea
L22 Speech Production 2: Fricative Sources and Consonants (PDF - 1.3 MB)
L23 Speech Sound Production 3: More Consonants (PDF)
L24 Speech Perception (PDF)
L25 Psychoacoustics and Physiology: Gold 1948