This section contains the term paper assignment, along with exemplary term papers by students in the class.

Guidelines and Expectations for Final Papers (PDF)

Exemplary Student Papers

All papers appear courtesy of the students named and are used with permission.

Paper topics Authors
Fall 2005
Facebook: Threats to Privacy (PDF - 1.7 MB) Harvey Jones and José Hiram Soltren
Get to Know GoogleTM: Because They Know You Stefanie Alki Delichatsios and Temitope Sonuyi
The Freedom of Information Act: Holding Government Accountable (PDF) Daniel Peng
Policy and Practice in Student Records (PDF) Waseem Daher
MIT Privacy Protection of Job Applicant and Employee Information (PDF) Jacqueline Tio
Fall 2004
The MIT ID Card System: Analysis and Recommendations (PDF) Priya Agrawal, Neha Bhargava, Chaitra Chandrasekhar, Al Dahya, and J. D. Zamfirescu
Privacy, SmartCards and the MBTA: A Policy Analysis of the MBTA's New Automated Fare Collection System Ian Brelinsky, Brian Myhre, Jennifer Novosad, and Chris Suarez
Sensors in Public Spaces: The Law and Technology of Anonymity Shuvo Chatterjee, Mabel Feng, Brian Keegan, Sarah Ma, and Jennifer Wang
Fall 2003
Netwatcher: A design of an internet filter based on an adaptive version of naive Bayes Jean Almonord and Daniel Yoon
Updating Copyright Laws to Address Concerns of Google's Cached Page Service (PDF) Parul Deora
Progress Against the Law: Fan Distribution, Copyright, and the Explosive Growth of Japanese Animation (PDF) Sean Leonard
Analysis of Fair Use and Fan Culture on the Internet (PDF) Sean Whaley
Bloggers' Expectations of Privacy and Accountability: An Initial Survey. Published as
Viégas, F. B. "Bloggers' expectations of privacy and accountability: An initial survey." Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 10, no. 3 (2005). Article 12.
Fernanda B. Viégas
Fall 2002
TCPA and Palladium: Are the Benefits of the Hardware Changes Enough to Justify an Upgrade? (PDF) Omar Bakr, Hareesh Nair, Aman Narang, and Tony Scelfo
Underlying Motivations in the Broadcast Flag Debate. A revised version of this paper appears in the August-September 2004 issue of the journal Telecommunications Policy. (PDF) Roshan Baliga, Deb Dasgupta, Anna Dreyer, and Allan Friedman
Spring 2002
PARANOIA Security Standard for Wireless Networks (PDF) Richard Hu, Pius A. Uzamere II, and Fei Xing
A Proposal for a Ubiquitous Privacy Notice Standard (PDF) Roland Burton and Corinna Sherman
The Personal Internetworked Notary and Guardian (PING): The Policy Implications of a Patient-Controlled Electronic Medical Record (PDF) Daniar Hussain, Andrew Werner, and Neil Desai
Carnival Booth: An Algorithm for Defeating the Computer-Assisted Passenger Screening System (PDF) Samidh Chakrabarti and Aaron Strauss
Digital Balance (PDF) Tin Lun (Bruce) Au
Analysis of Local Boston Television News Story Selection Bias, 1993-2002 (PDF) Keith Winstein