DH = Prof. Daniel Hastings
LM = Dr. Lawrence McCray
JB = Dr. Jason Black


KD = Kieran Downes
DF = Dietrich Falkenthal
AH = Angela Ho
SH = Shirley Hung
SL = Spencer Lewis
AM = Aleksandra Mozdzanowska
CN = Christine Ng

Phase One
1 Uncertainty

The Engineer's View

On the Power and the Limits of Analysis
2 On Handling Messy Complexity DH Paper 1 due
3 The Engineering Mindset

Analysis of the Columbia Disaster
DH Paper 2 due
4 Bureaucratic Politics

Some Powerful Dumb Ideas about Politics and Policymaking
LM Paper 3 due
5 Technological Forecasting

Methods for Forecasting; Predictions for the Future; How have they Actually Worked?
JB with Prof. Chris Magee Paper 4 due
Phase Two: Structured Case Presentations
6 GPS for Selected Applications Expert: DH
Presenters: AH, AM, CN
7 Packet Switching for Data Communication Expert: Dave Clark
Presenters: SH, SL
8 The Minicomputer Expert: Frank Field
Presenters: KD, DF
9 Supersonic Transport (SST) Expert: David Mindell
Presenters: KD, SL, AM
10 Seldane to Allegra Expert: Frank Douglas
Presenters: DF, CN
11 The National Airspace System Expert: Dava Newman
Presenters: AH, SH
Phase Three
12 Ubiquitous Computing: Analysis and Review of Collected Material from the Last Year Frank Field Final paper due