1 Introduction, Video: L’île Aux Fleurs. Read Bush, Vannevar. “As We May Think.”

Lightman, Alan. Einstein’s Dreams. Read excerpts.

Non-linearity and Multiple Perspectives.

Narrative Design Project

Nelson, Theodor. Literary Machines. Read excerpts.

Watch Nelson Video (Language Lab).

Goldenberg, Robert. “Talmud.” In Back to the Sources. Pp. 129-151.
3 Multi-form Narratives, Design Project Read texts by Wolfgang Iser, Umberto Eco, Hans Jauss, George Poulet, Roland Barthes.

Develop Narrative Design Concept.
4 Authorship/Readership & Experimental Literature: Raymond Queneau, George Perec, Julio Cortázar.
5 Experimental Literature. Read Joyce, Dante, Landow, Eco (excerpts).
6 Encyclopedic Narratives:

Dante's Inferno. Directed by Peter Greenaway.
Dante. The Divine Comedy.
Joyce, James. Finnegans Wake.
Schmidt, Arno. Zettels Traum.
7 Transformations: Project 1 due

Class Presentations


Creating Narrative Spaces with Audio

First Paper due – Audio Art
Watch Ruttmann, Walter. Weekend, and Remixes.
9 Ruttmann, Walter. Weekend, and Remixes.  

Wühr, Paul. Soundseeing Munich.

Fontana, Bill. Cologne-Kyoto Sound-Bridge.

Revision of First Paper due

Manovich, Lev. "Database." In The Language of New Media . Pp. 213-243
11 Discussion of Manovich, "Database." Work on Audio Projects
12 Murray, Janet. Authors @ MIT.

Discussion of Manovich, "Database." (cont.)
Work on Audio Projects
13 Audio Projects Presentations  
14 Hypertext Fiction, Net literature.

Second Paper due
Murray, Janet. "Properties of Digital Media."
15 Hypertext Fiction, Net literature.
Watch Groundhog Day, Run Lola Run, Sliding Doors. (Film Office)
16 Multi-linear Narratives: Run Lola Run, Sliding Doors, Groundhog Day.
Watch Interactive Movie: Tender Loving Care (LLRC).

Read Article on Interactive Narratives.
17 Interactive Narratives: Berliner Sehen.

Interactive Movie: Tender Loving Care.
Assignment: Watch Memento.
18 ELIZA and Artificial Intelligence Projects.  
19 Exploration and Critique of Interactive Narratives.

Conversation Based Narratives: ELIZA, and No Recuerdo (by Douglas Morgenstern).

Select a Game for Presentation

Read articles on Narratives in Games.


Analysis of Games and their Narrative Structures.

Game Presentations

Third Paper due

21 Gallery Visit - David Small - The Illuminated Manuscript.
Read Friedrich Schiller, On the Aesthetic Education of Man, letters 14 and 15, and Henry Jenkins, "Game Design as Narrative Architecture."
22 Games as Narratives/Games as Play – Visit by Danish Researcher. Work on Final Project
23 Project Prototypes for Final Project Work on Final Project
24 Fourth Paper due  
25 Final Project Presentations  
26 Media Spectacle (Public Presentations of Final Projects)