Structural Mechanics (13.10J)

Photo of an offshore oil platform.

An offshore oil platform. (Photo by Shane Anderson, NOAA's National Ocean Service.)


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2.080J / 1.573J

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Fall 2002



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Fundamental concepts of structural mechanics with applications to marine, civil, and mechanical structures. Residual stresses. Thermal effects. Analysis of beams, columns, tensioned beams, trusses, frames, cables, and shafts of general shape and material, including composites. Elastic buckling of columns. Exact and approximate methods, energy methods, principle of virtual work, introduction to computational structural mechanics. Examples from civil, mechanical, offshore, and ship structures.

This course was originally offered in Course 13 (Department of Ocean Engineering) as 13.10J. In 2005, ocean engineering subjects became part of Course 2 (Department of Mechanical Engineering), and this course was renumbered 2.080J.

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