Instructor Key

MS = Prof. Myron Spector

IY = Prof. Ioannis Yannas

GL = Guest lecturer

Unit Cell Processes and Unit Tissue Structure; Effects of Exogenous Forces
1 Clinical Examples of the Roles of Mechanical Forces in Tissues and Organs: The Working Paradigms MS, IY
2 Unit Cell Processes MS
3 Tissue Structures and Cell-Matrix Interactions: Integrins MS
4 Effects of Exogenous Mechanical Forces on Cells/Tissues MS
5 Effects of Pressure Waves on Tissue: Extracorporeal Shock Waves MS
6 Support Structures: Molecules and Tissues IY
7 Thermodynamics of ECM Deformation IY
8 Student Presentations: Term Report Candidate Topics; Review MS, IY
9 Quiz 1
Mechanics of Cells and Matrix Molecules; Endogenous Force Generation
10 Student Presentations: Term Report Topic Description MS, IY

Response of Chondrocytes to Strain
Guest lecturer: Prof. Alan Grodzinsky

12 Endogenous Mechanical Force Generation by Cells MS
13 Models for Cell Contraction In Vitro MS
14 Linear Elastic Models of Tissues IY
15 Mechanical Coupling of Cells with Matrix IY
16 Integrin-Ligand Interactions during Regeneration IY
17 Quiz 2
Tissue Mechanics
18 Student Presentations: Term Report Progress MS, IY
19 Mechanical Behavior of Bone and Response to Loading MS
20 Poroelastic Models. Cartilage IY
21 Cardiac Muscle Cell Contraction
Guest lecturer: Dr. Yvonne Aratyn-Schaus
22 Viscoelastic Behavior. Skin and Cartilage IY
23 Viscoelastic Behavior. Skin and Cartilage (cont.) IY
24 Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Mechanics; Term Report Due MS
25 Mechanics of Tendon and Skin; Review IY
26 Quiz 3