Students are expected to write two papers and complete a final research project.

Paper 1: Readings Response

The first paper assignment is to write a short response to several assigned readings.

Paper 1 Description (PDF)

Paper 2: Ethnographic Performance Analysis

The second paper assignment is an ethnographic analysis of a local club performance by Lamine Touré and Group Saloum.

Paper 2 Description (PDF)

Final Project

The final project, which includes an oral presentation and an 8-10 page paper, will be on an approved research topic of your choice.

Description of the Final Project Assignment (PDF)

Begin with a final project proposal, due on Lec #16. Your proposal should be brief (less than one page), and will have three components:

  1. Project description (a paragraph explaining your topic and its scope).
  2. Methodology and sources (a paragraph describing how you will go about doing your research, whether by consulting books and CDs, or by attending performances or conducting interviews).
  3. Time line (give a rough estimate of how you will use your time to complete the project - this is especially important for ethnographic projects).

Examples of Final Papers

Papers are presented courtesy of the authors, and used with permission.

Bershteyn, Anna. "TUBS Transcription of the Bakks of Rambax MIT." Paper (PDF), Transcription (PDF)

Fleder, Michael. "Gahu." (PDF)