1 Introduction   All
2 Viewing, Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness. Llewellyn M. Smith. California Newsreel/PBS, 2009.   All
3 Lecture, "Sula: Two Wrongs and a Writer."   Alexandre
4 Discussion   Alexandre

Lecture, "Circulations of Blackness I."

Guest Artist: Makeda Thomas; Viewing, Freshwater.

First writing assignment due at beginning of class today.

Meet at the theater for performance and discussion.


Lecture, "Circulations of Blackness II."

7 Lecture, "Middle Passage Stories."   Capozzola
Class Field Trip: New York City
8 Discussion   Capozzola
9 Lecture, "Water, Water, Everywhere."   Alexandre
10 Writing Workshop Begin working on second writing assignment. All, Delaney
11 Lecture, "1967: A Turning Point."   Capozzola
12 Discussion Second writing assignment due at start of class today. Capozzola
13 Lecture, "Forms that Create Presence."   DeFrantz
14 Rehearsal for Slave Ship DeFrantz
15 Lecture, "Slave Ship: Content of a Character."   Alexandre
16 Rehearsal for Slave Ship DeFrantz
17 Performance of Slave Ship  
Class Field Trip: Walking Tour of South End/Lower Roxbury
18 Discussion   Capozzola
19 Writing Workshop   Delaney
20 Lecture, "Quantities of the Nation: Majorities, Minorities, Anxieties."   Capozzola
21 Discussion   Capozzola
22 Viewing, Rize. David LaChapelle. Lion's Gate Entertainment, 2005. Paper revision due at the beginning of class today. Alexandre, Capozzola

Lecture, "Caucasia: Longing to Belong."

24 Guest Author: Danzy Senna Begin working on presentations. Alexandre
25 Student Presentations   All
26 Student Presentations (cont.)   All