Required Texts

Buy at Amazon Morrison, Toni. Sula. New York, NY: Vintage International, [1974] 2004. ISBN: 9781400033430.

Buy at Amazon Senna, Danzy. Caucasia. New York, NY: Riverhead Books, 1998. ISBN: 9781573227162.

Buy at Amazon Smallwood, Stephanie. Saltwater Slavery: A Middle Passage from Slavery to American Diaspora. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2007. ISBN: 9780674023499.

1 Introduction  
2 Viewing, Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness. Llewellyn M. Smith. California Newsreel/PBS, 2009.

Begin Sula.

Buy at Amazon Hurston, Zora Neale. "Characteristics of Negro Expression." African American Literary Theory: A Reader. Edited by Winston Napier. New York, NY: New York University Press, 2000, pp. 31-44. ISBN: 9780814758106.

3 Lecture, "Sula: Two Wrongs and a Writer." Finish Sula.
4 Discussion

Review Sula.

Buy at Amazon McDowell, Deborah. "'The Self and the Other': Reading Toni Morrison's Sula and the Black Female Text." Modern Critical Views: Toni Morrison. Edited by Harold Bloom. Philadelphia, PA: Chelsea House, 1990, pp. 149-163. ISBN: 9781555464394.


Lecture, "Circulations of Blackness I."

Guest Artist: Makeda Thomas; Viewing, Freshwater.

How do constructions of blackness circulate? What is the place of performance in those circulations? How can dance movement seem to reflect or demonstrate blackness?

Makeda Thomas/Roots & Wings Movement!


Lecture, "Circulations of Blackness II."

"Georges Adéagbo." jointadventures, 1999.

"Georges Adéagbo.", 2004.

Cotter, Holland. "Art in Review: Georges Adéagbo." New York Times, March 2, 2001.

Biographical Sketch (PDF)

7 Lecture, "Middle Passage Stories." Saltwater Slavery, pp. 1-100; Reading questions (PDF)
Class Field Trip: New York City

Sylvia's Restaurant

"Intersections Intersected: The Photography of David Goldblatt." New Museum, 2009.

"African Burial Ground National Monument." General Services Administration, 2008.

Hair (Revival, on Tour)

Buy at Amazon "African Burial Ground," "Blacks," "Haitians," and "Harlem." The Encyclopedia of New York City. Edited by Kenneth T. Jackson. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1995, pp. 9, 112-115, 516-517, and 523-525. ISBN: 9780300055368.

8 Discussion Saltwater Slavery, pp. 101-208.
9 Lecture, "Water, Water, Everywhere."

Review Saltwater Slavery.

Childs, Dennis. "'You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet': Beloved, the American Chain Gang, and the Middle Passage Remix." American Quarterly 61 (June 2009): 271-297.

10 Writing Workshop  
11 Lecture, "1967: A Turning Point." Buy at Amazon Van Deburg, William L. "What Is 'Black Power'?" and "Black Power and American Culture: Literary and Performing Arts." New Day in Babylon: The Black Power Movement and American Culture, 1965-1975. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1993, pp. 11-28 and 248-291. ISBN: 9780226847153.
12 Discussion

Jones, LeRoi (Amiri Baraka). Slave Ship. Newark, NJ: Jihad Productions, 1969.

Buy at Amazon Douglas, Emory. "Art for the People's Sake." The Black Panther Party: Service to the People Programs. Edited by David Hilliard. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press, 2008, pp. 121-124. ISBN: 9780826343949.

"Emory Douglas: Black Panther." New Museum, 2009.

13 Lecture, "Forms that Create Presence."

What are the particular performance forms that artists have engaged to create black presence? How have those forms changed over time? What were the terms of creativity that invigorated artists aligned with the Black Arts Movement? What sort of work did they make, and how was it received?

Buy at Amazon DeFrantz, Thomas. "To Make Black Bodies Strange: Social Protest in Concert Dance of the Black Arts Movement." A Sourcebook on African American Performance: Plays, People, Movements. Edited by Annemarie Bean. New York, NY: Routledge, 1999, pp. 83-93. ISBN: 9780415182355.

"Historical Overviews of the Black Arts Movement." Modern American Poetry, 2002. Text taken from:
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Bullins, Ed. "The So-Called Western Avant-Garde Drama." Liberator 7 (December 1967): 16-17.

14 Rehearsal for Slave Ship  
15 Lecture, "Slave Ship: Content of a Character." Gerzina, Gretchen. "Mobility in Chains: Freedom of Movement in the Early Black Atlantic." South Atlantic Quarterly 100 (Winter 2001): 41-59.
16 Rehearsal for Slave Ship  
17 Performance of Slave Ship  
Class Field Trip: Walking Tour of South End/Lower Roxbury Buy at Amazon King, Mel. "Growing up with the South End," and "Tent City." Chain of Change: Struggles for Black Community Development. Boston, MA: South End Press, 1981, pp. 9-14 and 111-118. ISBN: 9780896081055.
18 Discussion Begin Caucasia, through p. 131; Reading questions (PDF)
19 Writing Workshop Continue Caucasia
20 Lecture, "Quantities of the Nation: Majorities, Minorities, Anxieties." Continue Caucasia, through p. 289.
21 Discussion

Finish Caucasia.

Kennedy, Randall. "Interracial Intimacy." The Atlantic 290 (December 2002): 103-106, 108, 110.

22 Viewing, Rize. David LaChappelle. Lion's Gate Entertainment, 2005.  
23 Lecture, "Caucasia: Longing to Belong."

Pabst, Naomi. "Blackness/Mixedness: Contestations over Crossing Signs." Cultural Critique 54 (Spring 2003): 178-212.

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24 Guest Author: Danzy Senna Weber, Rebecca L. "The Africana QA: Danzy Senna." July 6, 2004.
25 Student Presentations  
26 Student Presentations (cont.)