1 "Introduction, Overview, Expectations" Availability Bring in 3 pictures in which Lighting is Integral Part of "Look" (PDF)
2 Decipher Pictures/Create Plot from them

Discussion of Reading/Field trips
Emotional Response to Piece of Music (PDF)
3 Little Red Riding Hood - Script Analysis

Present E.R.'s/Adjectives
Script Analysis for LRRH?? Plot for a Picture - All 8 Properties of Light?
4 Meet in the Theater

Focus Small Plot to Create Cues from
Using the Plot we just Hung, which Lights Might you Use to make Cues for your Emotional Response (PDF)
5 Meet in the Theater

Create a ""Look"" from your Emotional Response to the Music
Read between the Lines - Response, Notes, Questions/Reaction to Script
6 Betrayal Design Meeting "Haiku" - Research, 3 Pictures, 1 Sketch, Adjectives (PDF)
7 A Basic Rep Plot for KLT - Working within Limitations/ Plot for Haiku Haiku - Cues, Special Lighting Position/Instrument/Color? (PDF)
8 "Mike Katz - Drafting/Drawings, Sections, CAD, Vectorworks"

Speakeasy Tech
Impressions/Script Analysis
9 Guest Actors Present Scenes - Discussion/Cues/Perceptions/Interpretations Cue Synopsis for Scene
10 Meet in the Theater

Hang and Focus Haiku Plots
11 Meet in the Theater

Cues for Haiku - Found Objects - Composition
12 Meet in the Theater

Cues for Haiku - Found Objects - Composition part 2
13 Betrayal design Meeting alternate Designer Slide Show/Tour?  
14 Meet in the Theater

Using ""Haiku Plot"" Cue Scenes with Actors - Timing/ Initiation/Contrast"
"Research Specific Style Assigned - Pictures, Dates, imp't. Figures to Present in Class" (PDF)
15 Style and Color Connotations - Students Present Research

Dance Troupe Ensemble Design Meeting
"Initial Responses, Questions, Analysis" Voice of the Prairie.
16 Voice of the Prairie Discussion

Additional Student Presentations as Necessary
"Midterm Part 1 Plot VOP in KLT for Presentation with Magic Sheet, Areas, Pppwrk." (PDF)
17 With Foundations Class - Discuss Book of Days  
18 Presentations of Plots and Paperwork - Discussion of Assignment

Theatre Architecture
Midterm Part 2 - Plot VOP for Different Space with all Appropriate Paperwork (PDF)
19 Cues and Storyboards and Cue Synopsis Where, When, Why Q Synopsis VOP

Student Work 1: (PDF 1) (PDF 2)

Student Work 2: (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
    Watch Rehearsals Dance Troupe Ensemble
20 Begin Work on Dance Troupe Ensemble Plot

Rental/Sale Items
Watch Rehearsals Dance Troupe Ensemble
21 Continue Work on Plot Dance Troupe Ensemble

Confirm Rental
Watch Rehearsals Dance Troupe Ensemble
22 Finalize Plot and Paperwork Watch Rehearsals Dance Troupe Ensemble
23 Begin Load in Hang Dance Troupe Ensemble - Attendance as Possible throughout Day  
24 No Formal Class Meeting - Continue Hang and Focus  
25 Continue Hang and Focus - Attendance as Possible Throughout Day  
    Cue Synopsis and Storyboard for Dance

Student Work 1: (PDF 1) (PDF 2)

Student Work 2: (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
26, 27 If on Campus, Possible Work/Focus/Cueing  
28 No Formal Class - Tech Continues

Cue Writing/Tech Rehearsal
29 Dress Rehearsal and Fixes  

No Formal Class Notes and Fixes at Theatre

Dance Troupe Ensemble Opens!

31 Final Class - Post Mortem