Study Materials

OpenCourseWare asked various members of this production of The Internationalist to comment on the creative process for this project. Their responses and dialogue are presented below.

  • Janet Sonenberg, Director (PDF)
  • Youngsun Cho, student actor in the role of Sara (PDF)
  • Bill Fregosi, Set Designer (PDF)
  • Karen Perlow, Lighting Designer (PDF)
  • Helen Tsai, student Sound Board Operator (PDF)

Lighting Designs

Each of the lighting design images is used with the permission of Karen Perlow.

  • Lighting 1 (JPG)
  • Lighting 2 (JPG)
  • Lighting 3 (JPG)
  • Lighting 4 (JPG)
  • Lighting 5 (JPG)
  • Lighting 6 (JPG)
  • Lighting 7 (JPG)
  • Lighting 8 (JPG)

Sample Rehearsal Notes

Stage Manager Kimberly Boddy contributed these sample rehearsal notes.

  • January 5 Rehearsal Notes (PDF)
  • January 6 Rehearsal Notes (PDF)
  • January 7 Rehearsal Notes (PDF)

Set Design

The set design materials are used with the permission of Mike Katz and/or Bill Fregosi.

  • Floorplan of opening scene (PDF) (Mike Katz)
  • Floorplan of scenes 2, 3, 4, and 6 (PDF) (Mike Katz)
  • Floorplan of scenes 5, 7, 11, 13 (PDF) (Mike Katz)
  • Floorplan of scene 7, lunch scene (PDF) (Mike Katz)
  • Floorplan of scene 8 (PDF) (Mike Katz)
  • Floorplan of scene 9 (PDF) (Mike Katz)
  • Floorplan of scene 10 (PDF) (Mike Katz)
  • Floorplan of scene 12 (PDF) (Mike Katz)
  • Early model of set, 11/1/04. (JPG) (Bill Fregosi)
  • Dimensions and plan of the two curved windows (PDF) (Mike Katz and Bill Fregosi)
  • Dimensions and plan of the desk (PDF) (Mike Katz and Bill Fregosi)
  • Hand-drawn dimensions of table (JPG) (Bill Fregosi)
  • Model of windows (JPG) (Bill Fregosi)
  • Model of scenery (JPG) (Bill Fregosi)