Political Economy I

Shiny gold bars are stacked on top of each other in the shape of a pyramid.

John Maynard Keynes argued against a return to the gold standard after WWI. (This image is in the public domain.)


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17.100J / 15.678J / 14.781J

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Fall 2010



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Political Economy I explores the major social science paradigms for analyzing relations among state, economy, and society. Through readings, lectures and discussion of original texts in political liberalism and individualism, neo-classical economics, Marxism, sociological and cultural theories, and neo-institutionalism, the seminar examines the fundamental assumptions on which our understanding of the social world and our research are based.

Berger, Suzanne, and Michael Piore. 17.100J Political Economy I, Fall 2010. (MIT OpenCourseWare: Massachusetts Institute of Technology), http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/political-science/17-100j-political-economy-i-fall-2010 (Accessed). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

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