Ses # Readings
Introduction: Linking Environments, Politics, and Societies in the 21st Century
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Historically Assessing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus / Crisis

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Going Global and Comparative: Comparative Environmental Governance

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Irrigation, Agriculture, and the Green Revolution
6  No assigned readings
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Fishing Industries, the Blue Revolution, & Ocean Ecosystems

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Water & Food Security
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Power & Hydropower

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13 No assigned readings
Urban Water Infrastructure & Waste Management
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15 No assigned readings
Water Law, Markets, & Neoliberalism

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Gender, Race, & Water Security

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Virtual Waters: Integrating Energy, Waste, Agriculture, & Climate Policy
19 No assigned reading

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Knowledge & Science in Environmental Policy

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Environmental Justice, Energy Security, & Policy Change 

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Race, Democracy, and Global Environmental Governance
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26 No assigned reading