Paper 2

Instructions for Paper 2


A paper on one of the following topics.

Due Date

Ses #13


6–7 double-spaced pages. You should use standard margins (1-inch to 1.25-inches on each side of the page) and a 12-point font.


Your grade on Paper 2 will contribute 30% of your final course grade.

Option A: General relativity and the ivory tower

Option B: Institutions and the quantum revolution

While preparing your essay, you should consider at least three of the readings. Use them as resources to help you articulate and defend a specific argument. The goal of the assignment is not to summarize the readings or merely paraphrase the authors' arguments, but rather to state your own position and defend it using examples and evidence from these readings.

When drawing on readings, use standard footnote conventions and include a bibliography of sources cited at the end.